About Us

New Albany Chamber of Commerce

The New Albany Chamber of Commerce collaborates with the New Albany business community, elected officials and regional partners in proactive business initiatives to attract and retain an impressive array of businesses ranging from multinational enterprises to local startups. The chamber fosters economic growth and business success by advocating pro-business public policies, providing opportunities for community engagement, and delivering innovative programs and member services.  The New Albany Chamber is a private nonprofit 501(c) 6 corporation.


In 1996, a small group of New Albany business owners got together and formed the New Albany Chamber of Commerce.  The Chamber’s first home was in a garage along Rose Run Creek and its first president was hired January 1, 1997.  In the first year, the organization attracted 52 members and formed a board of trustees that included business leaders such as Jack Kessler who are still active in the business community today.  In the years that followed, the chamber offices moved to the Plain Township Fire Station, to the second floor of 220 Market St. in 2002, and most recently to the “old barbershop” building at 55 W. Main Street in 2012.

Doing Business in New Albany

New Albany is one of the few communities anywhere in the country that has had the opportunity to literally reinvent itself, employing best practices and avoiding the pitfalls of typical suburban sprawl to achieve robust, sustainable growth that balances community and economic development interests.

The Chamber partners with government, community and business leaders to promote and sustain a healthy business environment and a vibrant community for workforce and residents of New Albany.  The members of the New Albany Chamber of Commerce understand the importance of contributing to the overall success of the community. Partners from world-class international corporations, large and small businesses, the local government, and educational institutions are united in making New Albany a world-class community.